My name is Sharisah Odoms and I first started baking as a 9 year old child. Every since I can remember I loved baking. Baking is my happy space, my passion and I take it very seriously for each of my customers. Let'em Eat Kake has been in business for over 12 years. 

I have the expertise and skills to craft up any kind of cake for any occasion and I always strive for excellence.

At Let'em Eat Kake you'll find that the desserts come in many varieties of sizes, types and flavors. Whether you fancy sponge, carrot, German chocolate cake or anything else you may desire because everyone loves kake, don’t they?


Customer service is a high priority but most importantly satisfaction. If you are not happy with your product neither are we until we fix it for you. Our customers love the desserts our bakery provides because of the great taste, freshness and quality of ingredients You can contact me anytime 813-445-5253 or order through our online services You will not be disappointed when you book Let'em Eat Kake Bakery LLC.